Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Book Review: The Girl in the Cardboard Box by Jane Daly

Does God make us pay for the sins we have committed? Can we ever be truly free from their consequences? The Girl in the Cardboard Box by Jane Daly is a book that touched my heart deeply. Haley is hiding a secret and is still dealing with the recent loss of her child. She accepts a hurting little girl into her home as a foster child, but her husband is less than pleased. There is so very much tragedy and brokenness in this book. I am a fast reader but I had to take my time reading this book because some parts were really tough to read. Even so, I found myself longing to know what happened next in the lives of the characters. I found some characters likable and others not as likable. I loved how the author portrayed all of the characters as vulnerable and hurting, even if it is not evident at first glance. This is a book about God’s redemption of even the darkest situations. It’s about hope and second chances. It is a book that this world needs to read like never before. I received a copy of this book from the author with no obligations. I also purchased a copy. These opinions are entirely my own. 


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