Saturday, August 25, 2018

Book Review: Murder at the Flamingo by Rachel McMillan

Go Back in Time to Boston of the 1930's

Murder at the Flamingo by Rachel McMillan is book 1 in the Van Buren and DeLuca Mystery series.  Written with a definite sense of time and place, it is obvious that the author is a student of history and researched this novel well.  The setting is so well developed that Boston can be considered a character in its own right.  Reading this book is like being transported back in time, and it is a bustling adventure!  Having lived in Boston, I really enjoyed the setting and figuring out how it has changed over time.  I particularly loved the author's two main characters.  Hamish and his very real anxieties bring this book a realism that is missing from much historical fiction.  Reggie's attempt to make her own life also brings much to the plot.  These characters with very different backgrounds come together to solve a murder mystery.  Pick up this book!  It is a fabulous read and would be enjoyed by those who love historical fiction, cozy mysteries, and well written stories. I can't wait for book 2! I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher with no obligations. These opinions are entirely my own.

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