Thursday, October 5, 2017

Welcome to Livin' Lit!

Looking for a way to connect with you child and inspire a love of reading?  Are you looking for great reads too?   Livin’ Lit is a place to discuss books for all ages and really make books come alive for young readers. 

Welcome to Livin’ Lit!  I am so glad you found this site.  My name is Michelle and I am passionate about reading, learning, and having fun doing both. I have always been a bookworm—as a child, I was known for walking with a book while my mother shopped!  Now, as a mom and a teacher, I created this website to share with you some of my favorite children’s books and some easy corresponding activities that you can do to connect with your child and make books come alive. I will also be sharing some of my favorite books for grow-ups, because it is important that children know adults are readers, too!  My book-based activities are great for supplementing your homeschool curriculum or for doing once your child comes home from school.  Bond with your child over interesting books and make them come alive!  Getting children excited in this way will motivate your child to read for themselves.

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